Claroline Connect

Claroline Connect is a Learning Management System, i.e. a free downloadable software meant to manage your learning. The link to download is here. To install Claroline Connect, see the documentation on GitHub.

Unlike most of the existing platforms today, Claroline Connect puts every person (again) in the center of his/her training by offering him/her the possibility of creating, sharing, choosing and organizing the elements which make up his or her learning. The platform was also thought in a collaborative vision, allowing everyone to interact with the other users within the framework of a common project. Why have we made these choices? Because today more than ever, platforms have to allow to make more than to give a simple access to the contents which the learners can already easily find elsewhere.

The documentation of the project on GitBook started in November, 2016 with what existed for version 5.x of the platform. We know that it's incomplete, but it exists. There is only a French version of this documentation finalized in December, 2016.
We are busy now with the documentation of version 17.06 which, as its name puts it, will fill the breaches of version 5.x and explain the new features of version 17.06. The objective is to write a complete documentation which will be published at the same time as the new version of the software. We intend to ask the help of the community of users to translate it later on into various languages, to begin with English.

Enjoy your reading !

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